5 09 2008

This article first appeared in The W Weekly in Lexington, Kentucky in 2005. Unfortunately, the show is no longer available anywhere and the website is down. I’m going to check back from time to time to see if the servers ever come back online.

Getting completely sauced with your friends and talking trash is a time honored tradition dating back even further than the written word, so it’s no surprise that when podcasts gained popularity a few years ago, a couple of drunks wouldn’t be too far behind. While many podcasters of late incorporate alcohol into their shows as a gimmick, few can do it better than the Minnesota based duo of Eric and Skipp. Recently celebrating their 144th “Golden Show,” 144oz continues to bring their message of drunken debauchery worldwide.

Eric and Skipp met while working at an ad agency where it’s “respected if you call-in hungover.” After countless nights at bars filled with drunken discussion, the two decided to start a podcast that paralleled their inebriated conversations. Likening their show to just hanging out, Skipp notes, “we used to do this anyway, we just hit record now.” The show’s title, 144oz, comes from the amount of ounces in a twelve pack of beer, which is the minimum amount they drink during each episode.

Eric and Skipp originally podcasted from their offices after work. This eventually led to frequent mishaps like dropping entire bottles of Captain Morgan in the office kitchen, passing out on the floor, and driving home drunk. In one instance, while testing his new voicemail, a frustrated Eric accidentally recorded over his outgoing message with a string of obscenities. It gradually “became a huge hassle,” says Skipp, and they moved the show’s base to Eric’s garage.

Throughout the past year 144oz’s format hasn’t changed much. Each show begins with a theme song, they talk for an hour, followed by a randomly chosen song to close out the show. This regularity comes as a result of the duo not listening to other shows and being too drunk to care. It’s “simple and right to the point,” says Skipp. Furthermore, their shows are completely un-edited, with even their piss breaks left in the show. “There’s no post production, we don’t edit and it’s always worked for us,” explains Eric. The pre-production is just as sparse. While most podcasters make notes about what they’re going to discuss, 144oz’s show notes usually consist of “two words that are completely retarded.” Rather than obsess over what they’re going to talk about before a show, they play foosball and get drunk.

144’s subject matter usually consists of tales of last weekend’s drunken escapades, stories from Eric’s riotous childhood, and anything else they might happen to find interesting at the moment. “We’re not telling jokes,” explains Skipp, “this isn’t Saturday Night Live.” The show is presented in an off-the-cuff manner, with Eric and Skipp frequently interrupting each other, making of fun of listener-submitted emails, and disconnecting the guests’ microphone cables. Eric and Skipp continue to do the podcast after over a year of “getting the dum-dums,” their term for hangovers, mainly because it gives them an excuse to drink. “The worst part about it,” explains Eric, is that other podcasters “want money from this.”

144oz currently releases around three episodes each week and has an archive of around 150 episodes. You can find 144oz at www.144oz.com and in the iTunes music store.




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