Dropshock Radio

5 09 2008

This article first appeared in The W Weekly in Lexington, Kentucky in 2005.

When Halo 2 was released almost two years ago on Xbox, it grossed $10 million more than the box office premiere of Spider-Man in 2002. While the game’s popularity with the younger crowd is no surprise, it is becoming apparent that the game is popular with older gamers as well. With a crude comedic sensibility, the New Jersey-based podcast Dropshock Radio are filling the niche of talk-radio for the new generation of adult gamers.

The name of the show is a derivative from a lesser known character in the Halo universe, the Orbital Dropshock Troopers. On their podcast, Bill and Derek, also known as SuicideX and Neurothustra on Xbox Live, share their experiences with Halo 2, review the latest releases for the Xbox 360, and discuss rumors of Halo 3.

Neurothustra, a 31 year old gamer, takes offense to the stereotype that video games are just for kids. A gamer since childhood, he says that video games have grown with him throughout the years and now finds it to be a great way to relax on the weekends. Both hosts did their share of partying while younger and think that “the 17 year olds playing Halo on Friday nights are the real losers.”

The cornerstone of the podcast is “The Prick List.” While other Halo 2 podcasts discuss strategies and tips, Dropshock prefers to rail against annoying players they come into contact with online. Crediting the ease of gameplay with attracting immature players, Neurothustra describes Halo 2 as “a mecca for bad attitudes.” While playing, he keeps an Excel spreadsheet handy to keep tabs on anyone he finds irritating and later gives their Gamertag out on the air. With the upcoming re-launch of their website, www.dropshockradio.com, they plan to add a comprehensive database of pricks to their site.

Dropshock brings a very South Park-esque sense of humor to their podcasts, with irreverent jabs at people from all walks of life in between Halo discussions. After becoming bored with other Halo 2 podcasts that used euphemisms instead of profanity, Neurothustra wanted to avoid treating the Dropshock audience like children. Although more sensitive listeners may be offended, their warped wit is purely “about getting a laugh” and not about trying to hurt anyone. “We view ourselves as entertainers,” says Neurothustra, “and we hope that people realize that it’s just a joke.”

Dropshock has sporadically released close to twenty episodes since September of last year and hopes to soon be on a bi-weekly basis. To make up for their occasional disappearing acts, their shows typically hit the two-hour mark, allowing the listener to “listen to it at their convenience.”

When it comes to other Halo 2-related podcasts, SuicideX and Neurothustra are anything but competitive. Although they’ve had disputes with other podcasts in the past, they maintain that a diversity of shows “positively reinforces the Halo community.”

You can find Dropshock online at www.dropshockradio.com and in the iTunes music store. To play with the hosts of Dropshock on Xbox Live, add the gamertags SuicideX and Neurothustra to your friends list.




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