Frank Wit

5 09 2008

This article first appeared in The W Weekly in Lexington, Kentucky in 2005.

While countless podcasts exist simply to someday earn a coveted spot on satellite radio, The Frank Wit Show is something of an anomaly in that they are perfectly content to stay online. This lack of lofty aspirations for the show’s future allows for natural comedic conversation without the slightest hint of commercialization. It leaves the listener to revel in the lives and times of the hosts as they discuss everything from childhood antics to making light of otherwise frightening topics of daily life.

Frank Wit began in April of 2005 and is mainly comprised of hosts Andy and Kalle (Kah-Lee). Andy, a self-described hypochondriac, is the complete anti-thesis of the bombastic talk-radio stereotype. Andy then invited the subdued Kalle to co-host after he called into the show several times. The podcast also features a rolling cast of characters spanning the globe from Oregon to Australia including Andy’s girlfriend Allison, Andy’s mother “The Nurse,” Robbie Ganda the Carpenter, and Nich the aspiring writer and comedian.

While non-sequiturs usually hinder other podcasts, it’s where The Frank Wit Show is most comfortable. Now close to their 100th episode, the crew has developed a rapport with one another providing a knack for seamlessly blending from one topic to another. Throughout any given show, subject matter can gradually evolve from harsh commentary on American society, to celebrating the Nintendo DS, followed by an in-depth analysis of The Police’s “Synchronicity.” Even though editing their shows would provide clear transitions between these topics, Frank Wit prefers to leave most of their shows in their raw form, adding spontaneity and a live radio feel.

Considering its informal approach to podcasting, it’s only natural that Frank Wit considers it’s listeners to be “close friends.” So to further incorporate them into the show, Frank Wit features occasional live shows through Skypecasting ( Here, listeners can join a chat room to both listen live and talk to the hosts. These shows are later released as normal podcast episodes.

The most recent additions to the podcast is the Loveline-esque “Ask A Nurse” segment. Here, Andy’s mom, a nurse practitioner, answers listener-submitted questions ranging from run-of-the-mill issues such as allergies and medications to extremely graphic sexual matters, in a way that only a mother can. What’s even more shocking than hearing a middle-aged woman discuss impromptu lubrication methods, is the matter-of-fact manner in which she fields the questions.

One of the most intriguing aspects of The Frank Wit Show is its indifference to promotion and popularity. While most podcasters give frequent pleas to their listeners to vote on the popular podcast directory site, Podcast Alley, Frank Wit has only mentioned the site once. “I can’t say that I don’t completely care,” explains Andy, “but it’s annoying to hear people beg for votes.” Both hosts maintain that while listeners may come and go, they will continue to do the show simply because they enjoy it.

The Frank Wit Show can be found in the iTunes music store and online at Their voicemail line is (503) 60-UPDOG.




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