5 09 2008

Spymob is yet another band that I still devoutly listen to that fell apart far too soon. They first gained notoriety by collaborating with The Neptunes on the first N.E.R.D. album, and later by opening up for N.E.R.D. on the tour for said album which was where I first saw them. At the concert, I recieved a 4-song sampler by them and listened to it ad nauseum until their record Sitting Around Keeping Score finally came out.

Their sound is very bright and hook oriented and centered around John Ostby’s piano and vocals. To some extent, they sound like Steely Dan if they were to have debuted a thousand years from now. The subject matter for their songs includes online dating, divorce, and the future of life in the year 2040, all from the perspective of a wonder-filled daydreamer.

They have since broken up and left Pharrell’s Star Trak label after only releasing one awesome album. Ostby has since gone on to form a country band of all things called Kentucky Air.

Wikipedia Link: Spymob

Here is a live version of their song “2040”:




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