Uhh Yeah Dude

6 09 2008

This article first appeared in The W Weekly in Lexington, KY in 2006.

To hear Jonathan and Seth discuss their podcast, Uhh Yeah Dude, using phrases like “we take it dead serious,” is quite puzzling at first, considering its subject matter covers fake celebrity gay rumors and an obsession with Dateline NBC’s “To Catch A Predator.” However, after hearing the first few minutes of their show, their passion for podcasting becomes abundantly clear. Currently only twenty episodes in, the hosts of Uhh Yeah Dude are already masters of their craft.

The initial idea for the show came from Jonathan’s desire to recreate the conversations he had with Seth after they meet at a video store six years ago. A musician for television and film soundtracks, Jon covers the technical aspects of the show such as recording and answering email. On the air, he provides frequent bouts of uncontrollable laughter and trademark sayings such as “so awesome” and “whatevs.”

The second half of U.Y.D. is Seth. Combining the timbre of Dana Carvey with the methodic grandeur of James Lipton, Seth is a virtual encyclopedia of pop culture, television, and film. With a collection of over 15 hours of self-made VHS compilations of his favorite television moments, accompanied by 16 pages of handwritten menus for each tape, Seth is more than “a little O.C.D.”

Before introducing themselves to the world, the two “obsessed for quite sometime” on the concept of the podcast, and it shows. What they ended up with was an intimate hour of comedy without any of the downtime typically associated with amateur podcasts. Rather than share esoteric stories from their personal lives, Uhh Yeah Dude chooses to cover topics relevant to everyone. Jonathan explains that “this is not a selfish endeavor” and that listeners will never hear them “talk about a Thanksgiving they had in 1987.”

The majority of Uhh Yeah Dude’s content is a seemingly endless list of recurring segments. While this may seem like a tedious practice at first glance, the duo approaches the show with such vitality that there is never a dull moment. Fixtures of the show include This Week In Florida, the Country and Hip-Hop songs of the week, and In/Out, where they track recent trends in fashion, food, and entertainment. A Hollywood native, Jonathan describes this as their way of “filtering what we’re inundated with on a daily basis.”

The Uhh Yeah Dude crew has been releasing new episodes every week for the past five months and shows no signs of letting up any time soon. Says Seth, “we will continue to do the show until we’re old and dead.” You can find Uhh Yeah Dude in the iTunes music store and online at Myspace.com/uhhyeahdude. You can also call their voicemail line at 888-842-2357 and email them at uhhyeahdude@gmail.com.

Must-Know Uhh Yeah Dude Disorders:
It seems that every episode finds Seth struggling to overcome a new disorder. Here is a comprehensive list of our favorites.

  • Ringxiety: The obsession of wanting to be contacted through cell phones.
  • Tanorexia: Being addicted to faux tanning solutions. Patients who suffer will often first do a vertical spray tan and then bake the spray into their skin by using tanning beds.
  • Adult Onset Adolescence: When a grown man experiences child like behaviors. Symptoms include building tree houses and wearing denim shorts.
  • AC/DC: All Consuming Disorder Condition: The accumulation of a myriad of disorders affecting a person all at once.



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