DJ Marky’s Podcast

8 09 2008

Drum n’ Bass has long been one of my favorite kinds of music and one of my favorite songs in the genre is and will always be “LK” by DJ Marky. While a lot of Drum n’ Bass is very abrasive and aggressive, Marky’s mixes gravitate more towards the softer side which makes them far more listenable. Perhaps because of his Brazilian heritage, he frequently incorporates bossa nova and touches of island jazz into his music.

Each episode of DJ Marky’s podcast is about 45 minutes long and features eclectic mixes interspersed with occasional talking, most of which is in Portuguese. New episodes are few and far between, and even now after 2 years there are only 12 episodes. Luckily, the mixes have a lot of relistenability. Even the casual Drum n’ Bass fan is sure to find something worth liking.

For some reason, you actually can not get DJ Marky’s podcast in iTunes and his website is even a bit odd as well. However, to subscribe drag this .xml code into your iTunes.




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