Father Ted

8 09 2008

While promoting my band on Myspace last year I came across someone in Ireland who had a clip of a show called Father Ted on their page. I was lucky enough to be able to find torrents for all three season and savored each one.

Father Ted is a comedy that takes place on Craggy Island, an imaginary island off the coast of Ireland. It features three man characters: Father Ted (the straight man), Dougal (the idiot), and Jack (a drunk that only says about 5 different words throughout the entire three seasons). After watching only a few episodes, the show began to take on a world of it’s own for me, in a way similar to that of Seinfeld or It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Although a little old now, the comedy is well written and the depth of the characters really drives the show even if the jokes don’t always work.

Here is a link to the torrent for all three seasons: Season 1-3




One response

27 01 2011

A really great comedy. You should be able to watch some of the episodes on YouTube at the official 4oD channel.


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