Gear Wishlist

8 09 2008

I finally hit 70 on my fire mage Chipdipson a couple months ago and have since been chasing after epic gear. One problem however is trying to navigate the WOW Armory to see what upgrades I should get and where to get them from. The other day I came across Gear Wishlist which makes the process much easier. You simply type in your character and realm and it shows you every piece of gear that would be an upgrade, how much of an upgrade it would be, and where to get it.




One response

6 12 2010

Thanks a {lot|bunch|ton} for the {awesome|great|wonderful|sweet} post. With Cataclysm around the {corner|bend}, I’m taking the {day|night|afternoon} off to read up on {some|all|a bunch} of the {new|updated|sweet} features that {they|blizzard} is gonna {add|update} with {cata|cataclysm}. Stumbled on this. {Nice|Sweet|Great|Wonderful|Awesome} read.

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