The Angry Video Game Nerd

8 09 2008

For those of us now in our mid to late 20s, the videos made by the self-dubbed “Angry Video Game Nerd” are they very definition of nostalgic. With each new episode he reviews games made for consoles such as Atari, Nintendo, Sega CD, Calico Vision, and the like. As the name implies, almost every epsiode finds him in the throws of a mad nerd rage at how poorly constructed a lot of the older games were.

The theme song, although quite catchy, is definitely not one of the strong points of the show as a result of the vocalist. Another strange aspect of the show is that although most people who played the games featured when they were first released are older now, the show’s humor seems to be aimed at a far younger crowd. Despite this, the episodes are rich in content, well edited, and always entertaining.

There are usually several weeks between new episodes, but there is a large archive of past episodes for new comers to watch. The Angry Video Game Nerd can be found at and on YouTube.




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