Jordan, Jesse Go!

9 09 2008

Jordan, Jesse Go! is a California-based semi-improv comedy podcast co-hosted by Jesse Thorn, nicknamed “America’s Radio Sweetheart,” and Jordan Morris, the self-proclaimed “Boy Detective.” In between many short musical interludes, they discuss a number of topics such as the strange people who work in the entertainment industry, Thorn’s love for bunnies, dogs, and rap music, and everyday life situations. Where Thorn and Morris really shine however is when their conversations get derailed into absurd improv comedy nonsense that eventually de-evolves into simple word association brilliance.

Each episode is about an hour long and sometimes features guests ranging from old college friends to other notable comedians. Aside from J.J. Go, both Thorn and Morris are accomplished entertainment personalities in their own right, with Thorn hosting The Sound of Young America and Morris being a regular correspondent for G4’s The Daily Habit.

You can find Jordan, Jesse Go! in iTunes and at their website.

Here is some solo video of both Thorn and Morris:




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