Sick Animation

9 09 2008

Sick Animation is the bizarre creation of Louisiana-based animator Marc M. For several years now he’s been building up a loyal following online with his short flash animations and comic strips, all of which delve deep into every aspect of the worst kinds of humor from sexual deviance, racism, and murder just to name a few. Despite this, his cartoons are not lacking in substance. While some comedians may skew towards the more risque and base end of humor just to get a cheap laugh, I get the impression that this certainly is not Marc M.’s intention and that it’s just the brand of humor that serves his comedy best. Still, Marc’s cartoons have a polarizing effect, dividing those who “get it” from those who don’t.

Marc recently scored a TV deal with UK’s E4 network which aired on August 21st and released a 58-track album of songs just as disturbing as his animation entitled The Ultimate Party Collection Vol. 1 which is available in iTunes. There are also plenty of videos and comics available on his website.




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21 09 2008
mike d


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