Carl Sagan’s Cosmos

10 09 2008

After completing your education, be it High School or College, you have a choice, if not a responsibility, to keep learning, even if it’s only ever so slightly from time to time. One of my favorite and most thought-provoking ways that I’ve found to accomplish this is the Cosmos series by astronomer, scientist, and thinker, Carl Sagan. First airing in 1980, this 14-part series on the inner workings of the cosmos and life itself was the BBC’s Planet Earth of it’s day, if not even more popular.

Each episode usually begins with a brief explanation of a period of scientific discovery from human history, which later ties into the overall theme of the show. Over the 14 episodes, Sagan explores a myriad of topics including our own Solar System, DNA, and the possible existence of alien life. Despite now being 28 years old, the series holds up quite well as a result of Sagan discussing overarching themes and hypotheses as opposed to the current events of the day and dry scientific facts. Cosmos also recognizes the difficulties that mankind faces in the future, along with it’s primal self-destructive tendencies, yet still remains optimistic.

You can find various clips of Cosmos on YouTube, you can buy it from, or torrent it.




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