I Love Movies

10 09 2008

I Love Movies is a podcast by Doug Benson recorded live at the U.C.B. Theatre in Los Angeles. Each show is about 30 minutes long and features Benson joined by one or two guest co-hosts such as Bob Odenkirk, Patton Oswalt, and David Cross. As the name implies, they try to discuss movies but the shows usually get quickly derailed into any number of topics as a result of Benson being high and the guests not caring. It is here that Benson and crew really shine and get an opportunity to venture into improv territory.

New shows are posted sporadically and the show was even canceled at one point and only just recently returned after a lengthy hiatus. I highly recommend subscribing as it makes for a welcome change from the regular shows you listen to when new episodes are posted.

I Love Movies can be found in iTunes and at Hand Held Comedy.




2 responses

11 09 2008

Why So Serious? 🙂

11 09 2008

I didn’t realize I was being serious. I’m not too sure how to answer your question lol.


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