The Promotion

10 09 2008

I truly enjoy watching movies but don’t bother to find out who’s in them, when they were made, or even what they’re about for that matter before watching them. I just download the AXXO DVD rips and hope for the best. Usually it works out okay except for the time I tried watching Failure To Launch and kept waiting to see an astronaut.

Without having any prior knowledge of the movie, The Promotion is one instance where I was pleasantly surprised. The movie is somewhat similar to Office Space in that it showcases the dreariness of working a steady job, except instead of trying to escape their mundane responsibilities, Seann William Scott and John C. Reilly’s characters constantly back-stab each other as they compete for a promotion at a local grocery store. The film is well written and cast, but perhaps to capture the feel of working a terrible job, it does drag at times. Although cast in a supporting role to Scott, Reilly delivers the more memorable performance out of the two. Saturday Night Live’s Fred Armisen, who plays the store’s manager, adds a lot to the film as well. Scott certainly plays a believeable and entertaining role, but in my mind at least is still typecast as Stifler from 1999’s American Pie.

While it probably won’t ever become the next workplace comedy to replace Office Space, it’s certainly a solid effort worthy of multiple viewings. You can find the AXXO DVD rip here.




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