The Soup

10 09 2008

Over the many years since it’s inception, E!’s The Soup has gone through several incarnations, changing hosts multiple times and even changing the name of the show itself. One thing that has stayed the same however is their basic format of one charismatic host in front of a green screen delivering brilliant one-liners in between short clips of the most absurd moments from the past week of television. Having been a loyal viewer since it’s days of being called Talk Soup, I can say with confidence that with current host Joel McHale it’s at it’s best.

The Soup’s main strength is it’s writers who pack more laughs per minute into every 30 minute episode than most Hollywood blockbuster comedies. As of late, a good portion of the show’s content is made up of reality shows, with other clips coming from a variety of places like The Today Show, QVC, and a new cooking show discovery entitled Dutch Oven. There are also several running inside jokes and reoccurring characters such as “Mankini,” who as the name implies is a man in a bikini.

The Soup currently airs on E! at 10pm on Fridays. If you don’t have cable or a TiVo, there is a strong torrenting community online built around the show led by someone going by the name TheAOG, which is where I’ve gotten the show since moving to Japan.




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