Kool Keith – The Lost Masters 2

11 09 2008

Kool Keith is hands down my favorite Hip-Hop artist of all time and is one of those rare artists that constantly defies description. From album to album he not only changes his name and persona, but in most cases his entire style and approach to rapping as well. On The Lost Masters 2, which I’m assuming isn’t even a collection of lost masters, Kool Keith ventures into new territory yet again by rapping over the most basic of percussion sounds with a lyrical style which is far more free form than ever.

As a devout Kool Keith fan, I know that before listening to a new album by him to expect the unexpected. Even so, this record threw me for a loop and took some time to get used to. After the first few listens, it sat on the shelf for awhile and I wrote it off as the first miss I had ever heard from him and went back to listening to his other albums. However, after thinking about how differently he approached this album compared to not only his others, but also those of other mainstream artists in Hip-Hop, it hit me just how good it really was.

Some highlights of the album of the album are the graphically sexual “Varoom,” the furiously angry “Can’t Fuck With This,” and the playful “Two Step.”

You can get the album from Amazon , iTunes, and Kool Keith’s website is here. Here is a sample of “Varoom.”




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