Emmet Swimming – Arlington To Boston

18 09 2008

Virginia’s Emmet Swimming is one band that I found out about only through sheer luck. Around 1996 or so my Mom decided to buy me a few random records from the cutout bin at Sam Goody and one of them was Emmet Swimming’s first album entitled Wake. I listened to it extensively and soon after they released their first major label album on Sony called Arlington To Boston.

Emmet Swimming is the epitome of a band without a gimmick, and not in the Nirvana way where not having a gimmick is the gimmick itself. They’re simply a band that tries to write good songs because they love doing it. Upon first listen, vocalist Todd Watts’ bellowing moan can be a bit overwhelming, but after some time it becomes enjoyable. E.S.’s true strength lies in writing relateable songs about everyday people, relationships, and situations. On Arlington To Boston they perfect this art with songs about bartenders, the struggles of being a musician, and coping with divorce as a child.

Arlington To Boston is an album that has stuck with me for 12 years now and still remains interesting with each listen. Although no longer with Sony, the band still performs live regularly around the D.C. metro area and east coast. The album is available in iTunes their website is here, and the Wiki link is here.




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