18 09 2008

Miro is an extremely versatile media player that I discovered about a year ago. It has a very web 2.0 feel to it and besides being to read virtually any file type, it also has a podcast feed reader, a built-in Bit Torrent client, and an extensive directory of downloadable videos. Even if you’re happy with using Windows Media Player or Quicktime, I still recommend using Miro as a backup.

The main reason that I keep Miro installed on my computer is because of it’s versatility. In rare cases, video that I download from torrents won’t play properly on WMP. Somehow however, Miro always seems to be able to play it perfectly without fail where every other media players distort the video into random minuscule sizes every time the file is opened.

Miro’s additional features, although pretty cool, are just icing on the cake for me. Despite being an all-in-one program equipped with podcast and torrenting support, I prefer to run iTunes and Azureus respectively. However, I do rather like the downloadable video selection. Without a music store like iTunes, they seem to be able to focus more building an intuitive browsing interface and as well as a deeper free video catalog. The videos are essentially RSS feeds that you can subscribe to, much like podcasts, except that they seem to be marketed more as home viewing.

Miro is available for both PC and Mac and the site is here.




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