Cool Hunting

25 09 2008

Cool Hunting is a video podcast which features short and artfully shot profiles on mostly obscure left-field artists who work in a variety of mediums from wood to music and even fruit. Over the 2 years it’s been running, the people at Cool Hunting seem to have developed a true knack for discovering intriguing artists and knowing just how to present their story. As an artist myself, it’s inspiring to both see the finished work they created as well as to hear what was on their minds when they created it.

Although completely immersed in a New York-hipster aesthetic, in some cases the cinematography and editing is almost if not more appealing than the subjects they cover. Rather than having the interviewee reveal their entire story, they play around with silence instead which is far more effective and refreshing. They will typically only say a few sentences in between long shots of the larger picture of the story.

Here is one of my favorite Cool Hunting videos about 8-bit music.

The musical beds for the videos however are not always so appealing. Occasionally the music is brilliantly composed, but the majority of the time it’s just bland and generic downtempo electronica that is far too artsy for it’s own good. Nonetheless, their stories on musicians and bands are always memorable.

Cool Hunting can be found in iTunes and their site is here.




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