Dalebert Sephelp’s Help Yourself

25 09 2008

Delbert Sephelp’s podcast entitled “Help Yourself” is perhaps the strangest thing I’ve ever heard from the world of podcasting. Dalebert is a fake therapist and self-help guru who released only 10 short episodes which came to a conclusion in late 2006.

Each episode features his borderline mentally disabled and insanely pitched voice as he discusses non-sequiturs such as Lance Bass’ last name, Christmas, and learning Spanish. Aside from his voice itself, one of the other highlights of the show are his unique turns of phrase like “High-anus” and “Mexi-hookup.” It’s fairly safe to assume that no new episodes will be posted anytime soon, but I’d recommend downloading the shows that are available before they disappear. There are videos available, but I think he works better in the audio medium.

The website is here and the iTunes link is here.




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2 10 2008
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