Totally Rad Show

25 09 2008

The Totally Rad Show, or T.R.S., is yet another Internet video project led by Alex Albrecht. On the weekly show, Albrecht, along with two co-hosts, cover upcoming movies and video game releases as well as get nostalgic by making iron-on T-Shirts and revisiting childhood games like freeze tag. I have to admit the first time I checked out the show during it’s first few episodes I wasn’t a fan. However, after seeing how good Project Lore and of course Diggnation were, I figured I had to have been mistaken and after watching a few recent episodes I was hooked.

The shows are about an hour long but manage to move along at a pretty good pace and remain entertaining the whole time. The dialog is natural and witty and each host is both insightful and knowledgeable about what they review. I recently loaded up my iPod with about 7 or so new episodes and it definitely came in handy during a few long waits for the first train out of Tokyo.

The Totally Rad Show’s website is here, the iTunes link is here, and they even have a guild in World Of Warcraft on the Executus server.




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