WOW Insider

25 09 2008

When it comes to getting the latest news about World Of Warcraft, I’m sure there are countless blogs out there to choose from. The one I decided on is WoW Insider. No matter what your main interest is when it comes to WoW, be it PVP, machinima, or leveling guides, they have it all and much more.

The site is visually appealing, well organized, and easy to navigate which is a wonder considering the sheer amount of content available on the site. The Insider is consistently updated several times a day, making it a staple of my web browsing routine. Some of my favorite sections include the class-specific news segments and the recently added “Ask A Beta Tester” which covers first hand accounts of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. The only negative criticism I have is that some posts take too long to get to the point, but from what I’ve read on past posts they’re aware of this fact.

WoW Insider can be found at




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