Bigger, Stronger, Faster

30 09 2008

Bigger, Stronger, Faster is a documentary by Chris Bell which takes a non-partisan look at steroid use by both professional athletes and recreational body builders. Although I don’t have a particular interest in either one, it was still interesting and worth watching. The film centers around Bell who has never done steroids, contrasted by his two brothers who have been lifelong users off and on. While exploring this dynamic, he also consults with a number of people like lawmakers, Olympic medalists, and those both for and against the use of steroids.

I can’t help but make the obvious comparison of Bell’s film making to that of Michael Moore, but he also has developed a style of his own as well. While not the most captivating person to look at on screen, his narration is unique and interesting. Bell’s humorous side also shows in my favorite scene of the film where he hires illegal immigrant day laborers to help him create and package a completely legal weight gain pill right in his own kitchen.

Even though interviewees on both sides of the argument occasionally use terribly irrational arguments, Bell lets the viewer ultimately make up their own mind and never gets preachy about his own opinion. My only criticism of Bigger, Stronger, Faster is that it moves a little slow and I ended up having to watch it over the course of several nights. This may however be the result of me not having any prior interest in the subject matter. Nonetheless, I recommend checking it out.

The site is here and the torrent is here.




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