30 09 2008

I first heard about Microsoft’s new photo application entitled Photosynth on a recent episode of Diggnation. The basic concept is is that by combining a set of pictures of the same area, sometimes up to 30 or 40, a semi-virtual environment can be achieved. While this sounds intriguing at first, Microsoft is still a ways off from perfecting it.

One gripe I have with Photosynth is the fact that the images you create can not be viewed off of the photosynth website. It seems to me that they would have to implement a tool to embed the photosynths into blogs, Facebook pages, and the like before it could really take off. Furthermore, most of the end results that I saw were rather clunky and uninteresting despite being comprised of an exceedingly large amount of pictures. Even though we’ve become quite comfortable with the lack of privacy in the digital age, the fact that all photosynths created are available to the public is also a bit unsettling.

My final verdict is to check it out now just to see for yourself, but it couldn’t hurt to wait awhile until Microsoft perfects the idea. Who knows? Maybe in a year or so we’ll all be uploading our latest photosynths to our Myspace pages.

Photosynth can be found here.




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