Writing To Congress…on Salvia

30 10 2008

This one is self-explanatory of course. More posts to come in a couple days. Things are a little busy now.


Piggies Gettin’ Their Sex On

25 10 2008

Hey…those pigs are totally doin’ it. NSFW if you work at a pig company.

High Five

25 10 2008

Here’s an awesome vid that I recently rediscovered by Elephant Larry. High Five…

Thomas Dolby – The Flat Earth

24 10 2008

Sorry everybody…I seem to be on a Thomas Dolby YouTube binge at the moment. Great video though nonetheless.

Thomas Dolby – Airwaves

24 10 2008

I would stake my reputation on how awesome this song is. At some point during my beat making days I pitched it up to +10 on the vinyl and it made the song far more interesting. Whatevs…here’s Thomas Dolby with what I consider to be the slow version of “Airwaves.”

What’s Your Problem?

24 10 2008

I thought long and hard about whether or not I should post this video and ultimately came to the conclusion of screw it, I’ll post it, but only on account of it’s sheer insanity. If you get halfway through and are waiting for it get better, don’t bother cuz it’s not going to.

The Best Show On WFMU

24 10 2008

Welcome to New Bridge, New Jersey, an imaginary town that is the brainchild of Tom Scharpling and Jon Wurster. With Scharpling hosting and Wurster being a frequent call-in guest who plays a myriad of characters, the most notable of which being an overly proud Philadelphia resident named “Philly Boy” Roy Zeigler, the two have created a world unto themselves and a one-of-a-kind radio show over the past eight years. Every week Scharpling effortlessly delivers “mirth, music, and mayhem” in an astounding three hour time slot that would intimidate most other radio hosts. Despite his recent threats to disband the show, Scharpling and crew are pushing along as strong as ever.

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