Geometry Wars

2 10 2008

Geometry Wars is a downloadable game for the Xbox 360. As the slogan implies, it’s “retro evolved” in every sense. The game is extremely simple which is what makes it so great. The entire layout is only one rectangle-shaped screen in which you pilot a small ship using the left stick to move and the right to change the direction of your fire. The targets are various geometric shapes, each one with different properties as to how they both attack and react to the environment.

One interesting aspect of the game is that the area inside the rectangle where gameplay takes place has the basic properties of the fabric of space-time. Some shapes become larger causing them to draw in other objects into their field of gravity. This adds a slightly strategic element to an otherwise straight forward shooter. The gameplay is fast-paced and intense and is made even more so by the tense soundtrack.

Considering it’s only a downloadable game, Geometry Wars is surprisingly addictive and almost as fun to play as a major retail game. The game is available through Xbox Live and the website is here.




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