You Look Nice Today

2 10 2008

When I wrote in an earlier post about Dalebert Sephelp’s Help Yourself being one of the strangest podcasts I’ve heard, I certainly meant it. However, coming in a close second place is a show entitled You Look Nice Today hosted by Scott Simpson and two guys who call themselves Hotdogs Ladies and Lonely Sandwich. I first learned about the show after hearing it plugged on many occasions on Jordan, Jesse Go and I’m very glad I checked it out.

Behind the curtain of You Look Nice Today is skillfully crafted stream-of-consciousness improv comedy and what the listener hears is about 30 minutes of hilarious non-sequitors unlike anything else in the world of podcasting. Most shows begin by dropping the listener right in the middle of a conversation that began five minutes earlier. Luckily, most episodes maintain one subject throughout the show so you should be okay once you have a loose understanding of what’s going on. The show is then divided up into smaller segments with the help of noted comedian and TV personality John Hodgeman uttering brilliant bites of insanity such as “Hands in a derby,” and “Let’s have breakfast…for dinner.”

Here is a video of a fan doing “The Fishstick,” a dance that they invented on the show.

New shows are posted weekly and there are currently 20 episodes in the archive. Also be sure to check Scott Simpson and Lonely Sandwich’s Flickr pages as well. The iTunes link is here and their website is here.




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