Japanese Bug Fights

4 10 2008

Japanese Bug Fights is probably the only website that has ever made me want to cheer out loud after hearing about the concept of the site alone. Exactly as the name implies, it’s a death match between two bugs set to over-excited Japanese narration. Think of it as a cross between the quirkiness of Ninja Warrior and the intensity of The Ultimate Fighting Championships. To top it all off, each fight begins and ends with a wonderfully strange animation sequence to announce the contenders and then the winner.

Bugs of all kinds including scorpions, centipedes, and beetles are pitted against each other inside a tiny glass box for “as long as it takes,” according to the website. Most fights are then edited down to about 1 minute of pure awesome. My only criticism is that from the few fights that I’ve seen, it’s difficult to tell when the actual killing blow takes place. This however is just a minor inconvenience in what could be the most entertaining and original website ever.

The site is here.




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