The Merlin Show

6 10 2008

The Merlin Show, hosted by Merlin Mann of You Look Nice Today fame, is one of my favorite new finds from the world of video podcasting. Although the concept of the show appears to simply be Merlin having in depth conversations with people, there is a steady undercurrent throughout each episode that deals with how people from a variety of backgrounds and fields relate to and incorporate technology in their daily lives. Even though the show apparently ended in mid 2007, it’s certainly still worth the time to check out the 20 available episodes.

The shows occasionally begin with a brief introduction by Merlin followed by about 20 minutes of relaxed and open-ended conversation in front of one stationary camera. Regardless of the guest, be it a musician, web designer, or radio host, Merlin is surprisingly well versed in a variety of areas and is able to ask just the right questions to keep things moving. In some cases, the interviews are divided into two or three parts but still seem deceptively short despite their actual length.

The Merlin Show can be found in iTunes.




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