The X Files – I Want To Belive

7 10 2008

The X Files: I Want To Believe finds Mulder and Scully a full 10 years since their last appearance in what could be one of the most ridiculous plots of all time. Instead of hunting aliens or solving government conspiracies as one might expect, they buddy up with a psychic child molester Catholic priest who wants to help bring a modern day Russian Dr. Frankenstein to justice while Scully tries to perform experimental brain surgery on a dying boy in her spare time. You may want to take a second and read that last sentence again and see if you’re as confused as I am.

Seriously…read it again.

Thanks to a recent AXXO DVD rip, I saw the first X-Files movie from 1998 a few weeks ago and loved it which only made “I Want To Believe” even more frustrating. One thing that sticks out in my head when trying to make sense of what went wrong between the two films is that perhaps what is considered to be frightening or exciting has changed dramatically during their 10 year hiatus. Taking into account the gore of recent films, the parts of this movie that may have been intended to be shocking didn’t produce much more than a blank stare from me. Furthermore, the absurd plot is reminiscent of a cheap horror movie if anything which I felt left the characters of Mulder and Scully completely out of place the entire time. The final kicker is that David Duchovny has done great work lately which made it even more disappointing.

If you want to download this mess of a movie the torrent is here, but I think I’ll just keep watching Californication instead.




One response

7 10 2008

I too was frustrated by the plot and more so, the pacing of the film. I understand that it is a paranormal thriller (they got the first part semi-right), but it never delivered on any of it’s questions or themes. I went into this movie with a knowledgeable background on The X-Files series and an affection for the now decade old fist film and came out disappointed. It is as if Chris Carter, the director and writer of both films, and creator of the series, couldn’t decide which direction to take the story. There are elements of quite possibly four different movies within the confused plot. The material was there, but the film-makers never capitalized on it, making The-X Files: I want to believe an ultimately boring and muddled mess.

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