10 10 2008

One of the first video podcasts that I ever subscribed to was Diggnation and I’ve been a loyal viewer for over a year now. Every week, Kevin Rose, creator of Digg.com, along with co-host Alex Albrecht, discuss their favorite Digg stories from the past week over drinks on their couch. Aside from the stories themselves, one of the highlights of the show their constant tangents into recurring themes like adolescent antics, relationships, and the eternal debate between Mac vs. PC. Additionally, they have a very good rapport with each other which dates back to their time on the show The Screensavers and aren’t just two co-hosts awkwardly pretending to be good friends for the camera.

The stories covered on the show are incredibly diverse and include science, pop culture, comedy, and technology to name a few. Occasionally viewers may also get to hear some breaking news and rumors from the Internet and technology sector from Kevin depending on how much they’ve drank. They’ve also done a number of live shows and on-location shoots from places like the Michelob brewery, the Las Vegas strip, and from inside of a Jet Blue plane. Each show is rounded out by a fan email which is usually either a hot girl or someone seeking relationship advice.

Diggnation can be found in iTunes here and the official site is here.




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18 11 2008
Scam School « Fine Filter

[…] 18 11 2008 Scam School is another quality podcast from the Revision 3 network (Diggnation, Totally Rad Show) which follows Brian Brushwood as he teaches simple magic tricks and puzzles […]

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