Stand Up!!

16 10 2008

Any regular readers of Fine Filter have probably realized by now that I like nothing more than to find the rarest of the rare when it comes to anything entertainment related. The Japanese high school drama entitled Stand Up!! is certainly the epitome of this. Despite first airing in 2003, it’s plot of four teenage boys trying to lose their virginity is timeless. Furthermore, everything about the show from the clothing, slang, and surrounding events is so unfamiliar to foreign viewers that it feels like it could have been made last week.

As one would expect, all of the dialog is in Japanese, but the writing’s cleverness still comes across even in the subtitles. In stark contrast to American teen dramas, the characters are written as normal and semi-mature allowing the show to be enjoyed not just by 14 year old girls. As is typical of most dramas in Japan, there were only eleven episodes ever produced and as a result there are no unnecessary scenes.

Aside from the absolutely horrendous theme song, Stand Up!! is a top notch show from start to finish. You may be lucky enough to find a DVD of the show somewhere or you can find the torrents here complete with subtitles.




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