The Trans Megetti

16 10 2008

The Trans Megetti was an incredibly unique rock band from New Jersey that I found out about only a few years before they broke up. Despite the fact that they only released two full-lengths and an EP, they quickly managed to become one of my favorite bands of all time, and the same goes for almost every one of my friends that I’ve given their CDs to. With barely anything written about them online, save for the occasional stray album review on the outskirts of the Internet, they still remain something of a mystery to me.

Their sound is a mix of frantic punk rock, extended noise-laden instrumental breakdowns, and deceptively catchy hooks, all held down by their trademark dirty drum tone that I’ve never heard any other band come close to replicating. Mark Tesi, the singer, rounds out the group’s sound with his slightly high-pitched vocals and no-frills lyricism.

Your best bet to get a hold of their music is to try which is what I did. Out of all of their albums, I’d say their best work is on “Fading Left To Completely On.” As for their current whereabouts, the bass player was in a band called Krass Bros., Tesi has apparently been keeping busy with art and surfing, and at some point a few years ago I saw a website for a band called “We Are Angels” pop up that they were supposedly involved in, but there’s no sign of it now.

Check out their song “Gina” and then go buy their records.




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