Marketing Over Coffee

20 10 2008

Marketing Over Coffee is a 30 minute podcast hosted by John Wall and Christopher Penn which covers news and tips for marketing in the digital age. For a little over a year now, the two have met at Dunkin Donuts every week at the crack of dawn to discuss Internet trends, new developments in technology, and trade tips on how to optimize search engine results to name a few. Regardless of your creative endeavor, be it a blog, podcast, band, or anything else for that matter, every listener is sure to find something useful in Marketing Over Coffee.

Considering Wall’s blog Ronin Marketeer and his career a marketer as well as Penn’s podcast “The Financial Aid Podcast,” both hosts are full of insights based upon personal experience. Most episodes begin with their take on how marketing factors into a few of the past week’s technological developments, followed by several voicemail questions from the audience.

My only main grievance is with how the show’s audio is mixed. Both Wall and Penn’s voices are separated to only the left and right channels which took some getting used to at first. Listeners who are also a bit unfamiliar with marketing jargon should also be aware that occasionally some stuff may slip by you. But otherwise, Wall and Penn have put together a great show that I hope enjoys a long run.

Although not from Marketing Over Coffee, here is video of host John Wall speaking at Podcamp Toronto:

You can find Marketing Over Coffee in iTunes here and the official site is here.




One response

21 10 2008
John Wall

Thanks for the shout out! I record us on separate channels and then mix us about 60/40. I like to have some separation, but do you think it’s too severe? Maybe I switch a few to Mono and see if it’s a big difference…

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