Mr. Deity

24 10 2008

Brian Dalton’s podcast series entitled Mr. Deity is one of the few stand out comedy shows of the recent crop of DIY video productions that have been spilling out onto YouTube and the world of podcasting lately. Utilizing only the most fundamental requirements of cast and location, Dalton has managed to create a world of his own in Mr. Deity through original dialog, well built characters, and a distinct theme song which fits the show’s mood perfectly. Regardless of your belief in or knowledge of Christianity Mr. Deity offers something enjoyable for almost any audience.

Each episode runs about four minutes long and follows God and his assistant as they lay the ground work for creating Earth and mankind. The cast is rounded out by Jesus and Lucy, a woman plays the role of the devil, in supporting roles. The majority of the show is set against a simple white background allowing for the writing and actors to take center stage without having to overly explain the premise of each episode. The real skill here lies in the fact that fact that the simplicity and shoe-string budget isn’t overly obvious where it might be with other shows of it’s caliber.

Mr. Deity is available in iTunes here and the official site is here.




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