The Best Show On WFMU

24 10 2008

Welcome to New Bridge, New Jersey, an imaginary town that is the brainchild of Tom Scharpling and Jon Wurster. With Scharpling hosting and Wurster being a frequent call-in guest who plays a myriad of characters, the most notable of which being an overly proud Philadelphia resident named “Philly Boy” Roy Zeigler, the two have created a world unto themselves and a one-of-a-kind radio show over the past eight years. Every week Scharpling effortlessly delivers “mirth, music, and mayhem” in an astounding three hour time slot that would intimidate most other radio hosts. Despite his recent threats to disband the show, Scharpling and crew are pushing along as strong as ever.

Although consistently innovating, the backbone of The Best Show On WFMU is it’s regular callers, running jokes, and catch phrases. Where other radio shows may rely on such things as a crutch, in the case of The Best Show they serve more as endearing traits which help make the show what it is. Some of these staples of the show include the hatepit, a narcotic lip-balm called “Blue,” and the catch phrases “Heave ho!” and “Wait…whuuuuuut?!” Aside from Wurster’s long list of recurring call-in personalities, many listeners have also become part of the show such as Spike, a marble-mouthed lover of doo-wop, horror movies, The Sims, and dungeons.

The show isn’t all about call-ins however. Scharpling often delivers monologues about personal experiences and is occasionally joined by in-studio guests from the comedy and rock world like Patton Oswalt, Paul F. Thompkins, and Ted Leo. Another unique aspect of the show worth noting is it’s pacing. Perhaps as a result of the large time slot, Scharpling is not afraid to let five to ten seconds of dead air go by which not only allows the show to breathe but is sometimes equally as funny as if a joke were there.

There are many ways to get involved with the show. You can listen live, subscribe to the podcast, buy Scharpling and Wurster’s latest CD, or check out the website and forums at Friends Of




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