Ventrilo Harassment

10 11 2008

I remember ages ago when a friend showed me the now famous clips of people using soundboards of Arnold Schwarzeneger to do prank calls. Of course it was funny at the time but you can only listen to a sample of “Who is your daddy and what does he do” for so long before it gets pretty boring. While the idea of using soundboards is basically the same, website Ventrilo Harassment has raised the bar tremendously to the level of fine art. As the name implies, most the clips take place on Ventrilo servers which are usually private and used by guilds in World of Warcraft to talk to each other during more involved raids.

For the first time in Fine Filter history I’m including three clips in one post because it’s just that good. The first one is made up of Chris Hansen clips from To Catch A Predator, and the second and third clips are somewhat related. In the second clip the victim, who is affectionately referred to as “Peggy,” has a near mental breakdown after being harassed by a Duke Nukem soundboard. The real stroke of genius is when he then turns her voice into it’s own soundboard itself in clip number three.

It’s difficult to provide links for further viewing because there is no central YouTube page as a result of Ventrilo Harassment creating new accounts for each separate video. They do however have a website. Enjoy the vids.




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1 12 2008
Ventertainment « Fine Filter

[…] 1 12 2008 With his innovative Ventrillo Harassment series, Video Compiler managed to spawn countless less talented copycats. One of the few people to […]

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