Scam School

18 11 2008

Scam School is another quality podcast from the Revision 3 network (Diggnation, Totally Rad Show) which follows Brian Brushwood as he teaches simple magic tricks and puzzles involving everyday items that can be found in any bar such as loose change, matches, and of course beer bottles. Over a couple pints, the spikey-haired host shows off the trick, explains it to new friends, and then has them try it out themselves, all in under five minutes. While some episodes lean a bit more towards the traditional side of magic, most tricks are specifically made to be done in bars and can be easily learned after watching an episode only once.

Aside from the tricks themselves, the show’s concept is both highly original and practical. Although I’m sure there are plenty of TV shows and podcasts that teach regular magic, Scam School managed to make it exponentially more interesting and less nerdy simply by adding the social element of a bar setting. Even though you won’t be cutting women in half any time soon, a well placed trick might just score you some free drinks on your next night out.

Scam School can be found in iTunes and the official website is here.




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