Audio Dharma

19 11 2008

One of my favorite things about podcasting as a medium aside from portability is that it encourages diversity and innovation like no other medium has ever done before. At the same time that podcasting has given a voice to countless brilliant comedians that otherwise wouldn’t have had a proper format to express themselves, it has also given rise to educational and religious shows that are just as unique; in this case Audio Dharma.


Audio Dharma is a series of talks on Buddhism that are recorded live from the Insight Meditation Center in San Francisco. Each episode is about 45 minutes long and features a variety of speakers, Gil Fronsdal being the most frequent, discussing an aspect of Buddhism, it’s historical significance, and how it relates to modern life. As you could imagine, the show has a very relaxed atmosphere but not in the vague new-age-ocean-sounds kind of way. Every talk is full of useful insights on mindfulness and spiritual practice that are interesting regardless of your religion or previous knowledge of Buddhism.

There is a tremendous amount of archived episodes in the iTunes feed and many topics are divided into several episodes. As a result of the low volume level however it can be a bit difficult to listen to in noisy environments. Audio Dharma’s official website is here and the Insight Meditation Center in San Francisco occasionally offers retreats to those in the area.




One response

1 12 2008

Just FYI, the Insight Meditation Center is located in Redwood City, CA. Admittedly, that’s in the San Francisco Bay Area but is an hour’s drive from the city (depending on traffic).

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