Future Tense

19 11 2008

Future Tense is a short daily audio podcast that centers around the Internet, computer security, the environment, and a variety of other contemporary issues. Every weekday the show’s host, Jon Gordon, is joined via telephone by bloggers, CEOs, and anyone else making headlines in the technology sector. The podcast is under the umbrella of a Minnesota-based group called American Public Media and has an overall professional NPR kind of vibe.

One of my favorite things about Future Tense is it’s consistency in providing interesting stories that most other media outlets, both mainstream and otherwise, don’t cover. Additionally, the show is quick and palatable even when covering drier topics. Some episodes as of late have discussed a breadth of topics such as Obama’s video podcast, municipal wireless Internet, and the legal and moral aspects of adult listings on Craig’s List. Something worth noting however is that despite being around for quite sometime, Future Tense’s podcast feed in iTunes only offers the latest 10 episodes or so out of what is bound to be several hundred.

The following is a clip of Jon Gordon interviewing Alice Marwick about the concept of Internet celebrity.

Future Tense can be found in iTunes and the official site is here.




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