Christmas Break

24 12 2008

I’ll be traveling around southern Japan for the next week or so and of course won’t be posting during that time. Have a good holiday everybody and I’ll see ya next year.




You Suck At Photoshop

24 12 2008

“Strap on your stupid and let’s get at it.”

Mildred Baum

24 12 2008

Here are a couple videos by “Mildred Baum.” As far as prank calls go these are pretty good. They were made with a text-to-speech program.

Terminator 2: Low Budgement Day

23 12 2008

Mental Assault

23 12 2008

A full on mental assault.


23 12 2008

The most existential glitch ever.


23 12 2008

Apparently this is the translation:

and then you put it in your pa
and you eat it
and then you put cherky
and you smash the sandwhich with poo poo and pee pee
and then you eat it and you have a good loke
oh ha milk cereal
and shum
cereal and honey
and some yummy tangy
shum poo poo
pee pee
and then you
and then you mango
and it caw pee pee