Keith And The Girl

10 12 2008

Trying to find new things to write about for Fine Filter, specifically podcasts, is an incredibly laborious process believe it or not. Roughly 80% of the new shows that I listen to completely miss the mark as a result of horrendous audio quality, long theme songs, and painfully boring hosts to name a few. Luckily I can always count on Keith and the Girl to be there to remind me of what a quality podcast should be.

Keith and the Girl, or KATG, is a New York City-based daily comedy podcast hosted by the diverse duo of Keith Malley, a part-time stand-up comedian from the Pennsylvania suburbs, and his girlfriend Chemda Kahlili, an Israeli reggae singer. The two began the show in 2005 after being inspired by now rival podcast The Dawn and Drew Show and have since garnered a sizeable and dedicated fanbase allowing them to support themselves solely through podcast generated income. To the uninitiated, their brand of profanity laden humor may seem purposefully offensive in a shock-jock kind of way. Although they do employ some of this sensibility from time to time, after listening to several hundred episodes I can truthfully say that there is a wealth of substance beneath the expletives and hot button issues.

There are a seemingly endless amount of reoccurring themes in the show including disease, hate mail, parents, doctors, drinking, work, religion, and government, and it’s not uncommon for all of them to be covered throughout the course of one episode as a result of their frantic pacing and frequent tangents. Regardless of the topic at hand however, Malley consistently maintains the ability to convey his left-field opinions in a manner not unlike a solid punch to the face. Another notable aspect of the show involves the candidness of not only Keith and Chemda, but their numerous guests as well. Whether intentional or otherwise, the extent to which their personal lives are discussed has the effect of giving KATG soap opera-esque undertones.

Although many guests who appear on the show are professional comedians, most of the guests are just friends and are surprisingly more interesting than anyone making the rounds on the major entertainment outlets. My personal favorites include Patrice; a quick-witted gossip lover of Trinidadian heritage, Adam; Malley’s former roommate, and newcomer to the show Jessee Joyce; a touring stand-up comic. Typically the shows with guests spark longer conversations and end up spilling over into the less formal Super Secret Backstage Show.

More so than any other podcast I’ve heard, Keith and the Girl have built a formidable brand around their show. While the show itself is free, you can support KATG in a myriad of ways including purchasing their live DVDs, going on KATG themed cruises, Netflix subscriptions, clothing, donations, and by buying their forthcoming book. After checking out the show also be sure to stop by their always active forums. Keith and the Girl is available in iTunes and the official website is here.




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