NJ Guido.com

17 12 2008

NJGuido is a brilliantly poorly crafted site run by Anthony Moussa, or “Moo,” a self-proclaimed guido who as you could guess is from New Jersey. Through photos, faux-poetry (faux-etry?), and blog posts he details the many endless debaucheries of his nights spent in nightclubs and beaches around the Jersey shore. Judging by the ads, merchandise, and apparent 11,000 daily hits, the site must have struck a chord with a lot of people, but for myself and perhaps 10,999 others it’s just as much fun to laugh at them than party with them.

While the pictures tend the tell the story behind “Moo” fairly well, there is also a fantastic article about him from The Washington Post available on the NJGuido site which takes the reader through a day in the life involving booze, bimbos, and a substantial amount of hair product. Also be sure to take time to check out Moo’s forays into writing. Despite excessive spacing errors, over capitalization, and only a fundamental grasp on the English language, they can at times be captivating and possibly even inspiring.




One response

2 04 2009
Jimmy Foxazio

NJGuido.com is for a bunch of fags. To laugh at these fags visit this site and laugh your balls off at them………


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