At Long Last…

16 04 2009

It’s been awhile. I went on vacation to southern Japan and haven’t written anything in quite some time. I’m posting now because I want to start up the blog again soon but I’m looking for some thoughts.

I started out Fine Filter by writing some long, and if I may say quite eloquent, reviews of music, movies, etc. I then got lazy and started posting some videos that I thought stood out among the mess that is the Internet.

If I do start up the blog again it will be a few weeks, but in the meantime I want to know what any regular readers/visitors of Fine Filter want here. Please leave a comment here or send me an email at with your thoughts. I probably won’t respond but know that it is read and appreciated. Things are pretty hectic here in Japan at the moment but nonetheless I’d like to start up the blog again soon.

Seriously, let me know what you think about what I do/have done here.