ZAPP- I Wanna Be Your Man

30 05 2009

This might be one of the best songs ever. If you don’t know about ZAPP you betta ax sumbudy!!1!


YouTube Comments: Politics

30 05 2009


YouTube allows people from all over the world to share thoughts and ideas and opens up a social dialog about a myriad of subjects. What could possibly go wrong? Today I’m looking at political related YouTube videos to find the top 5 worst comments.

  1. PooJiraiya: “wow, she is truly a political prostitute who gives mc cain a blowjob everyday. she is most most stupidest politician ever!!!!!!!!!”
  2. staplesInk: “ok not all amis are idiots…but the most…and fat oh my god so fu**in’ fat ^^”
  3. cammbs123: “You seem to know a lot about McCain. Can you enlighten me as to Oamas credentials?”
  4. EwakAmerica: “YOU’RE A HAIRY LESBO”
  5. askaninjafan: “mccains head is shaped like a pear. I HATE HIM”

Shabba Ranks – Mr. Lover Man (NSFW)

30 05 2009

Show some goddamn respect. That’s Mr. Lover Man to you, sir.

Tommy Chat Just Emailed Me

30 05 2009

If I recall correctly, I think I found out about this filmmaker from a magazine. I’m not too sure. What’s all the more strange is I haven’t really had a chance to read many English magazines here in Japan. Either way, get ready for a full-on awesome panic attack. After watching this a few times, I actually genuinely enjoy it.

If you want to see more work by the creator, his name is Ryan Trecartin.

Arthur Russell – Picture Of The Day

30 05 2009

arthur russell

I’ve been listening to a ton of Arthur Russell lately so I figured I’d make it the picture of the day. Perhaps I’ll write a proper article about him later.

Pleasure P – Boyfriend #2 (One Minute Rule)

30 05 2009


While scrolling down the top 100 I found a guy who name is Pleasure P. Of course I had to see what all that was about. Today’s song is called “Boyfriend #2” and is currently at the #47 spot on Billboard. I’m pretty tired as I write this so we’ll see if that’s gonna help or hurt our new friend Pleasure P. Here we go.

Haha. Oh man. Alright, this is gonna be good. This dude is no joke. Straight out of the gate he proclaims “I really wanna fuck that bitch.” I might actually like this guy. 5 seconds in now and P has already stated his intentions of lovemaking in no uncertain terms. We’ve also got some really cool delayed synths in the mix that sound like “Simply Having  A Wonderful Christmas Time.” 10 seconds in now and I have to say, I’m really digging this song. It’s well produced and I also like the handclaps and general laid back vibe of the song. I know it’s probably funnier if I hate the song, but this isn’t too bad.

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This Is Why You’re Fat

30 05 2009


This Is Why You’re Fat is a photo blog which features various pictures of disgustingly unhealthy food from all over America. What makes this site great is it’s simplicity. It’s pretty much just pictures of food so horrible that it’ll have you running to eat a piece of fruit no matter how many fatties you have to tackle along the way.

My only criticism of this site is that, in my version of Firefox at least, all of the pictures are on the far left of the site. The abundance of left over space on the right makes navigating the site a bit awkward, but it’s no reason not to check out the site. The site appears to have been around since February of this year so there’s a ton of content to see. I’ll leave you with one more picture of the Monster Fries from In-N-Out.

monster fries