Lady Gaga – Poker Face (One Minute Rule)

22 05 2009

lady gaga.sflb
Before I even hit play I have to say that I have never heard of this girl and know nothing about her whatsoever. Perhaps it’s a result of living in Japan for a year. I just brought up the Billboard 100 chart and I’m going down the list on YouTube. Here we go.

Ok, 7 seconds in and I’m kind of liking the keyboards. It’s kind of a throwback sound. I’m pretty surprised that I like it actually. Whoa, the “Ma ma ma ma” part is terrifying. I don’t like that at all. Not one bit. It would’ve been cool if they went a bit more IDM on it and really tripped out those vocals. That might have saved it. Now we’re 20 seconds in and we have a drum beat. The kick drum is solid. Very basic beat going on but that’s ok. We gotta get rid of those “Ma ma mas” though. What were they thinking?

Hahaha. Oh good lord. Ok, I just heard this girl sing for the first time and it is hilarious. Quite manly. That really threw me for a loop. I’m gonna rewind a few seconds to hear that part again. Oh boy. I don’t know what this girl is singing about. Folding things? Raising them? Is she doing Origami? Construction? What’s happening here? Oh ok. I get it now. 41 seconds in and there are more references to playing poker or something. Do people still play poker? Fuck.

And here’s the chorus at about 44 seconds. Lots of “Oh”s all over the place. What? “I’ll make him hard?” Is that what she said? Are we still playing poker?

Right at the 1 minute mark now and it turns out the last part was pre-chorus of some sort. Who really cares anymore.

Verdict: I’m going to lose my mind if I keep listening to the Billboard top 100.




2 responses

23 05 2009

you missed the “bluffin with my muffin” part.

23 05 2009

Is that in the first minute? I only listen to the first 60 seconds.

I’ve got some good ones coming. One a day and I’ve got enough to post until the 30th already. I’m still working out the kinks for this segment though.

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