23 05 2009


I found out about Cooliris while digging through the Firefox add-ons last month and I came across a gem called Cooliris and was instantly hooked. Like most good things, what it does is actually quite simple. After downloading Cooliris, a logo is placed on the upper right-hand corner of your browser. When visiting a site that is Cooliris friendly, it lights up and becomes clickable. After clicking the icon, a very modern Apple-esque window appears and you have a whole new way to see photos.

Cooliris works on a variety of websites and can handle both video and pictures, but so far I’ve really only been interested in using it for pictures. The reason why I love this add-on so much is because it’s one of the things that come along once in a while that you never thought you would need, but you have it you can’t imagine what it was like without it. The scrolling wall format is very similar to iTunes’ cover flow and will go on endlessly as long as there are more pictures available. Cooliris also works as a stand alone program which allows you to search YouTube, Flickr, and Google.

You can download the Cooliris add-on through the Firefox website here. There is also more information available at their website




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