Jamie Foxx – Blame It (One Mintue Rule)

25 05 2009


I can only hope that this song is the death knell for the glut of auto-tune we’ve all been experiencing lately. That being said, I kinda like this song. Regardless of how I feel about Mr. Foxx and Mr. Pain as human beings or musicians, this is a very well written song. Let move forward.

Right off the bat, I have to say that I’m liking it. In the first 7 seconds they’ve been able to establish the general vibe of the song, what you can expect as far as instrumentation goes, and I’m anxious to hear what happens next. I’m also liking the choice of the old school drum sounds. Aside from Three Six Mafia, I don’t think you hear that very often these days. That first high pitched synth sound leading into the vocals would otherwise be strange but it really fits the song well.

Bam! 10 seconds in and we have a solid chorus and vocals. No time to dick around here. I’ve got stuff to do. Initially, the auto-tune on Foxx’s voice isn’t overwhelming and fits the song well. I’m sure it’s compensating for lack of talent to some extent, but it’s not glaringly obvious here. The chorus is solid. It’s one of those choruses where any creature from the animal kingdom could make vaguely similar noises and it would still be just as catchy. I’m also liking the way the drums and vocals sync up.

Like it or not, this song follows almost every rule in the book for commercial songwriting. Surprisingly it doesn’t sound too cookie-cutter either. To that point, 20 seconds in we’ve already heard the chorus and we’re into the first verse. No time wasted at all. The verse seems to have just as much energy as the chorus which is pretty good. In addition to the auto-tune, the vocals are pretty heavily effected with delay. It’s this kind of song that makes me wonder how well it will hold up in even the next five years when we’re well past auto-tuned vocals and have moved on to something even crazier.

Now 30 seconds in and a lot has happened here. We’ve just heard the turn-around for the verse and it’s a nice touch. About 40 seconds in now and there is a lot variety in the verse vocal melody. That’s probably one of the things that keeps it from getting stale. Granted, I’ve probably heard this song a lot less than most other people. Coming up to the one minute mark now and it looks like it’s going to be a double verse before they hit the chorus again. But, if I cheat and go about 5 seconds more they only do a single verse. As far as I can tell, Mr. Pain is still nowhere to be found.

Verdict: A good way to end the auto-tune craze on a high note.




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3 06 2009
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