YouTube Comments

26 05 2009


I’ve been spending a lot more time on YouTube in the past year than I ever have before and I’m sure if you spent any amount of time there you know how bad the comments can be. Instead of getting mad at the racists, creeps, and degenerates, I have decided to give them their own section on Fine Filter. It might take me a couple posts to iron out the kinks for this segment, but bear with me. Here we go.

  1. mattbiker419: “sumone turned the strobes on in an epileptic convention!”
  2. meurs09: “what a stupid!!!!hmmp or krump is better that your krump!!!! we can di individuals and group krump!!! hahahaah!!!!it sucks!!!!”
  3. utubesuperstation: “Found this buried in your shit sack ball deep 8=======]D It’s your moms. He got what he gave to some one else if he couldn’t take whaaaaaa Ye Shemale”
  4. 5nutterbutter5: “omg…you have no humar?”
  5. GorTheMovieGod: “No actually i like good music, like Motley Crue.”



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