Jeremih – Birthday Sex (One Minute Rule)

27 05 2009


Alright back again. As a new rule for the One Minute Rule I’m going to make a good attempt to write about only songs that I have never heard before and most of them will be coming from somewhere on the Billboard charts. So in keeping with that style, today we have a guy named Jeremih and his tune called “Birthday Sex.” At the time I write this Jeremih’s song is #9 on the Billboard top 100. I chose this song because of the way he spelled his name. Ready? Set? Go!

So I went to YouTube to find this song and the caption next to the video reads, “dis song hot as hell right now,” which is certainly encouraging.  The poster then goes on to explain “I DO NOT OWN OR CLAIM THIS SONG IN ANYWAY! ITS MADE ONLY FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES!” Despite this gentleman’s hilarious lack of knowledge of copyright law and an ESL-level understanding of the English language, I’m going to take his word for it that dis song is indeed hot as hell right now and hit play.

The first couple seconds are surprisingly decent. Some cool sounds in the mix here. A few seconds after that though it’s beginning to sound like a generic R&B song. But, I have hope for this one. Maybe our friend Jeremih can turn it around. I’m now 16 seconds in. I don’t think I like this guy’s voice. It’s not that he has a bad voice, it’s just a bit too normal. I do have to say though, I’m kind of falling for the “My-ay-ay-ay” part. I know it’s a cheap trick but I’m gonna let it stand.

We’re now 24 seconds in and he’s starting to wear out his welcome on that “My-ay-ay-ay” pass I just gave him. I’d say once or twice is ok but it’s really a bit much now. I’m noticing some auto-tune in play but I suppose that’s par for the course these days. Ah. Maybe I like this song a bit. Those sustained notes around 25 seconds are kind of a nice change. So that same part continues to about the 40 second mark. Now it’s time to show and prove Jeremih! Do you have it in ya?

40 seconds in. Ah come on J. I’m not mad. I’m just disappointed. I was ready for a big chorus after the drum roll and if this is in fact the chorus I’m hearing now it’s not cutting it. He’s doing that damn “My-ay-ay-ay” thing. Step up your game J. Moving ahead now to about the 55 second mark I think we get the chorus for real. Not much to speak of really. He just kind of says the name of the song a couple times. Nothing to write home about really.

Verdict: dis song luke warm right now




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